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A little more About Me

I’m Joelie and I am a Fully Qualified, Fully Insured Yoga Instructor based in my hometown of Surrey in the UK. I am on a personal inward journey of self-discovery and would like to share that across via my work and Yoga. Yoga allows the space to be authentic and unapologetically yourself. I feel like this is one of the greatest qualities we can possess in a society that encourages us to all fit a certain mould.
YOGA is a beautifully simple way of tapping into your true essence, shining a torch within to better understand who you really are.
Originally receiving my degree in Criminology and Law back in 2010 I have worked in various different environments and roles, spending much of my 20’s teaching in the UK or abroad. I have spent time leading self-development programme for disengaged young people. Working with individuals who are facing huge difficulties in their lives showing me first hand the power of the human spirit and the level of resilience we all have within. I love working with people and feel my gift in life is my ability to connect with people from all walks of life. I feel a special pull towards communities that are under privileged and would like my life work to have a positive impact.
If I describe myself using a particular word, I can usually use the polar opposite word just as strongly. I would say I’m a complex character and I’ve struggled getting to know who I am so god knows how anyone else has! :-) A brief overview of myself as I see me would be: kind and understanding. Passionate, Adventurous. Feisty. Moody, Friendly, Compassionate. Sensitive. Anxious. Confident and Shy. I enjoy the simple things in life but also seek a life extraordinary. I see myself as emotionally intelligent and able to understand other humans around me. I like to make people feel good. I am a go-getter and live life to the fullest I possibly can. I honestly live each year as if it could be my last. I have no ability to plan far ahead. (I have cancelled any pension plan I’ve ever been signed up to lol.) I am often wreckless in my decision making. I can get bored easily and rebel against things I perceive as ‘normal’ I can go from deliriously happy and hyper to super sad and introvert I struggle with the middle-ground. I am all or nothing kind of person. I have a super busy mind and spend a lot of my time daydreaming about future events or made up scenarios. I seek fulfilment, happiness, peace, simplicity and purpose.
I LOVE to travel ! I have been incredibly lucky to have visited many beautiful locations around the world; absorb cultures and even ground my feet for moments in time. I have upped roots and headed off on so many adventures now I don’t get a ‘going away party’ anymore. I have settled to work and live in Cambodia, China, Colombia, Barcelona and most recently Thailand. I always look for “what is next?” in my life and possibly struggle to stop and smell the roses sometimes. I enjoy the feeling of being completely free, ties in life make me anxious and suffocated. I was a bird in a previous life, for sure!!
I had the luxury of time and environment to complete my Yoga Teacher training and to teach in Thailand in 2019. I was privileged enough to be able to work alongside experienced yoga professionals, absorb their teachings and implement their knowledge into my own work. Travelling India was really eye opening to the philosophical side of yoga and the more spiritual elements. I feel I have just touched the surface and that I could spend a lifetime learning everything there is to know, which is exciting, I love learning!
PLANT BASED – I’m proud to say I am completely powered by plants. (Ben and Jerry’s dairy-free ice cream is a plant right?) This life choice has benefited my health, my physical appearance, the planet and most importantly the animals. I am obsessed with nutrition; I could talk about it all day, I love that it is so fluid and progressive, that everyday there is something new to learn. My vision is to create a platform of wellness that alongside Yoga also promotes health from the inside out which I know truly starts with what we are putting into our bodies. I’m not a professional in this field (yet) but I hope to train in Nutritional Therapy in the near future. Life goals are growing everything myself in my massive garden and making delicious food all the time in my giant kitchen (with an island in the middle.) I am not a homely girl, I’m not into stuff, things and nesting but I just want a massive kitchen....when I grow up. lol.
Why YOGA ? – I have been practising Yoga on and off for the past 9 years with a more dedicated practise developing over the past four years. I have been a fitness enthusiast my whole life but there was something different about walking away from a Yoga class. Once I started practising more it became addictive, like I couldn’t put my finger on what it was doing but I just felt better. The mental benefits of yoga have been the most transformational for me, more than anything else. I find my mind a little quieter, I can arrive in the present moment and calm down my wild imagination. I can control my anxiety to an extent. I can find space to feel gratitude even when I think there is nothing to be grateful for, forgiveness to myself and to others. I find there is a lightness about my demeanour, my face softens, my heart softens, I feel grateful to be alive.I feel happier. Just the simple task of taking to a mat with no fancy equipment is a huge appeal to me. I love to keep life as simple as possible. I’m so grateful to yoga and the inspirational teachers that have guided me on this journey and ultimately help me improve my life.
I am such a blessed person it makes me emotional to think of the beautiful people in my life my family and friends are just amazing, I know I am very lucky. I am blessed to have such great health and an able physical body. I am grateful for my full life. I am grateful for every individual who has crossed my path and touched my life in whichever way. I’m grateful for the life lessons which encourage me to grow.
My vision is to build a community of Yoga encouraging growth through guided Meditation, Movement, Breathing, Nutrition and Massage.
I look forward to interacting with you and creating a warm and welcome environment for personal growth and well-being.
Love Joelie

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